3D White Christmas Screensaver 4.0


Size:6.3 MB

Date Added:30 September, 2012



3D White Christmas Screensaver is a lovely screensaver with a Christmas theme that displays three different animated images of Christmas trees and decorated houses. The three images display a snowed landscape, with snowflakes falling, lights from the Christmas trees, and fireworks from time to time. They also display a beautiful clock in the top right corner that apart from showing the current time, also shows the number of days left before Christmas. You can select the scene you like the most or display all of them in a random order. The three scenes are enchanting, so I couldn't decide for one. They also feature a beautiful Christmas music, which really contributes to create a nice atmosphere. From the settings menu, you will also be able to select whether you wish to listen to sounds, or show a clock, fireworks, snow, and garlands. You can also select the resolution and color depth. In short, 3D White Christmas Screensaver is an enchanting screensaver that will surely give life to your desktop during this fantastic holiday.

Systems: Windows

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